The Ninjas were a special warrior class who originated in Japan and they mastered the martial art perfectly. The actual historical background of the Ninjas is still unknown as most of the facts about them were scripted by the outsiders who were mere observers. The Ninjas had their special techniques and weapons to combat the external enemies as well as for handling the sabotages.

This is assumed that at around 522 A.D. the priests of Japan started the act spying as part of their religious rituals and the purpose was to assist the rulers of that time. But gradually they felt the need to use this art as a mode of self-defense. They became the first ones to practice the unconventional techniques of ninja.

Then a privileged class evolved who realized the urgency of the methods like killing, stealth, spying etc in order to acquire power as well as for survival. This is the reason why the groups and organizations formed who was popularly known as the Ninjas.

Disguise Mask

Where did the Ninja legends form?

The ninja groups mostly developed in the villages or around the families. Their motto was to protect the society from the robbers, killers and attackers etc. in fact the evidences say that the women also had the privilege to become a Ninja and take part in activities like spying using their seductiveness.

There is a common myth about the Ninjas that they used to wear the all-black costumes in order to hide themselves which has to historical proof. Many of the theatre actors used to wear these sorts of costumes which might have played an important role in this myth.

Powers of the legendary Ninjas of Japan

The Ninjas had various power and knowledge which were obscure. This is said that they were able to tell the time looking at the eyes of a cat. The explanation behind it is that the cats’ eyes are very sensitive and they change the shape according to the movement of the sun which was observed by the Ninjas. The Ninjas were also able to locate the directions wit the help of the stars just like the sailors.

But the unique method they used was looking at the age-rings of the trees and calculating the directions. They knew the method of hiding themselves even while they were resting. Their favorite hiding place was the top bushy part of a tree. These are the few tricks which the most popular Ninja legends of Japan used to perform easily.

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