Countless of people avoid training (in fitness, sports, parkour or martial arts) because they find it a chore; something so undesirable and negative. Combined with the busy and hectic schedules of the modern person, there is even less incentive to train.

Here’s the challenge…

Can you find the element of fun in your training?

Ryan Ford, founder of Apex Movement, gave a TEDx talk, that reminds us of a time in childhood where exercise and movement was just play. There was fun in challenging our limits, and this still applies today. It’s just that now, fitness has been reduced to counting repetitions. I hope this inspires you to change your perception of training and cures your Monday blues today.

Recall the third tip in 21 Proven Tips To Make Fitness A Lifestyle: find positivity and enjoyment in training. Find the element of fun in training and make your experience positive and enjoyable!

Share your thoughts…

  • How do you view your own training and workouts? Is it a chore or something enjoyable?
  • How have you kept your training fun and playful?

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