Which Type of Spartan Race Should You Get Started With?

Spartan Race Singapore 2015 (a month after first injury)
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Ready to put your ninja skills to the test? But, you have no idea which Spartan Race type to join?

In this guide, we’ll compare the 4 types of Spartan Races. And help you decide the best type to join, based on your:

  • level of fitness
  • obstacle skill
  • running endurance

Spartan Sprint

At 3+ miles (4.8km), the Spartan Sprint has the shortest distance… except for the Spartan Stadium series.

But, unlike Stadium series, the obstacles for Sprints have more distance between them. This gives your upper body some time to recover.

If you’re a beginner, or have just recovered from an injury, start with a Spartan Sprint.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone new to obstacle course racing
  • Beginners to functional fitness
  • Anyone getting back into fitness… maybe after recovering from an injury (if this is you, check with your doctor first)

Spartan Stadium Series

The Stadium Series is an obstacle race without the mud or long distances.

With a nonstop sequence of obstacles, this race is held within a stadium. And it has elements of a CrossFit endurance workout.

Take a peek at last year’s Spartan Stadium series at AT&T Park…

If you do Parkour or CrossFit, and hate long-distance running, try out the Spartan Stadium Series.

Suitable for:

  • Parkour and freerunning traceurs
  • CrossFitters
  • People training for Ninja Warrior endurance

Spartan Super & Spartan Beast

Only join Spartan Super or Beast if you’re experienced in three areas… fitness, endurance running and obstacle skills. Where Super is meant to push your limits, Beast takes you completely out of your comfort zone.

Because of the intensity, you ought to be skilled enough to traverse obstacles without conscious thought.

If you’re a total beginner or recovering from an injury, stay away from this.

Suitable for:

  • People who’re experienced in obstacle course races
  • People who cross-train in both running and functional endurance (and can last at least an hour)

Quick Comparison – Sprint, Super, Beast & Stadium

Spartan -SprintSuperBeastStadium Series
Distance3+ miles (4.8+ km)8+ miles (12.9+ km)12+ miles (19.3+ km)Short (focus is on obstacles; not endurance)
Obstacles20+25+30+Unknown – but more challenging
Suitable for

– Beginners

– Returning athletes

– Intermediate racers

– Endurance runners who cross-train

– Intermediate/Expert racers

– Endurance runners who cross-train

– CrossFitters

– Traceurs (in parkour/freerunning)

– Athletes who don’t train for long distance runs

Commit to Getting Ninja Obstacle Skills

If you want to be an obstacle ninja, follow these steps:

  1. Don’t doubt yourself and just sign up for a Spartan Sprint (I have compiled a worldwide listing here). This puts pressure on you to get prepared.
  2. Check out this guide to learn the techniques for 13 common obstacles.
  3. Show up on time on race day, and get moving. Trust your body. You will surprise yourself.

If you really can’t overcome an obstacle, your fellow Spartans will help you out.

Take the first step… Find a Spartan Sprint in your area (and region) now!

Find a Spartan Sprint in your region

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