In hopes of helping you get through your Monday blues today, here’s the result of our tweet battle late last night on Ninjas vs Samurais. Special thanks to ‘Sam Rai’, Ando Mierzwa, Jess Clinton and Hannah Smithson for the candid banter. What a hilarious end to a Sunday evening with people from different martial arts styles.

For contextual understanding, Jujitsu is said to be the martial art of the samurai.

The ninja vs samurai tweet battle was first initiated by Sam Rai of Karma Jujitsu, a female samurai and Jujitsu sensei.

The honourable challenge was accepted by the ninja in return of a sneak attack. Meanwhile, Ando Mierzwa was still looking for diplomatic means to end the ‘battle’.

Ninja vs Samurai Tweet 2

Sam Rai, finally summoned another samurai, Jess Clinton, who unbeknownst to her was a double agent that infiltrated the samurais. Unfortunately, Jess turned her backs on both samurai and ninja, immobilising the rest. Ando tries to distract Jess with a question on modern ninjas.

Ninja vs Samurai Tweet 3

The ‘battle’ derails slightly with banter on strawberry laces and peanut butter. Since Jess was the clear winner, I tried to ascertain her allegiance. Did the ninjas and samurais have a draw? At the last moment, we’ve got a geisha joining the battle.

Ninja vs Samurai Tweet 4

Jess rejects the draw and displays her ninja perseverance. Ando draws out of battle, while Logen (me) speculates on an ensuing sumo attack. Looks like at this point, it is a victory for Karma Jujitsu dojo (both Sam Rai and Jess are from there). The battle outcome between ninja and samurai, however, is less obvious.

Ninja vs Samurai Tweet 5

While Ando comes up with a brilliantly hilarious strategy to defeat the sumos, Jess makes an ominous announcement that she is in fact a quadruple agent (samurai, ninja, geisha and sumo). Alas’ who is the winner in this battle that has involved ninjas, samurais, geishas and invisible sumos?

Ninja vs Samurai Tweet 6

I hope this has helped cheer you up from the Monday blues. Leave a comment below or tweet us to share your opinions on who has won: ninja, samurai, geisha or sumo?

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