To my surprise, 5th of December is the International Day of The Ninja and it has been a holiday since its founding by Ninja Burger in year 2003. To be honest, I didn’t even know such a day existed and found it slightly humourous.

International Ninja Day

During this holiday, people would dress up in ninja guises (or the traditional all-black costume) and participate in ninja-related activities. These activities include an appreciation of the old martial arts of Japan.

5th December was chosen as Ninja Day due to the movie opening of The Last Samurai, where the ninja were battling the samurai in a particular scene. Although the holiday started out small, a group of French performers dressed up in showy ninja costumes and posed in front of famous landmarks since 2004. This prompted press coverage, which made the holiday known to more people.

Had I been aware of December 5th, I would have made special plans for Way Of Ninja. The holiday was created with great intentions and fun. People would have the opportunity to know the ancient shinobi and even live out their fantasies of being a shadow warrior for one day!

Till the next International Day Of The Ninja, I wish everyone reading a belated Happy Ninja Day!

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