Let’s end the year with two inspiring stories.

Uniting and Healing Communities with Marathons

El-Khalil, a long-distance runner, founded the Beirut Marathon and talks about how she rose from a severe bus accident that left her unable to run. She organised the first run from the hospital bed. The first marathon had 6000 runners, united in white shirts despite political and religious differences in Lebanon (where it was torn by civil war for many years).

Parkour: Traceur with Cerebral Palsy Beats The Odds

James Blake was late for his first Parkour session, he was welcomed in and told to warm up like any other beginner. He was treated the same despite having cerebral palsy. Because his instructor did not discriminate and believed in him, combined with James’ strong-spirit and will, James became a traceur.

Work on your goals and make a difference to yourself and everyone else. Happy New Year in advance (it’s an hour away from 2014 here)!

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