modernwarrior300Way Of Ninja is your modern warrior guide to getting the skills and attitude of the old ninja.

Cross-train in martial arts, movement, and functional fitness. Learn practical warrior hacks and gain street smarts. And, build your ideal set of modern ninja skills.

The goal is to gain abilities, and NOT just look good naked.

Our Purpose…

By training the mind and body (in all things functional), we want to empower you to:

  • Have the ninja skills and confidence to deal with regular life and threats
  • Be the best ninja-version of who you are
  • Adventure the world, and connect with others through training

So, what’s the story behind Way Of Ninja?

How Way Of Ninja Began? – Logen’s Story

Way Of Ninja was born in my pursuit of functional fitness and martial arts (typical ninja skills). Strangely enough, the journey started with me rewiring my brain (mindset).

Learning to Believe in Myself

I had long loved films with martial arts, and parkourish stunts. But, I never believed I could do them. This stemmed from my bad childhood experiences in Taekwondo and sports.

Nonetheless, as a young adult, I decided to give training a go again. This time, it helped me believe in myself, and combat the feelings of emptiness.

Cross-training, over-training and accidental injury

Yet, progress was never enough. I began to cross-train in a ridiculous number of activities.

With a full-time job, I sacrificed sleep, recovery and my social life. It was madness. By biting more than I could chew, the quality of my skills stagnated.

One day, due to fatigue, I reacted too late to an arm-lock throw, and frayed my shoulder tendon. Because I had been over-training (and sleeping too little), my tendon was terribly weakened. This delayed my recovery.

Since then, I’ve gotten recurring shoulder tendinosis and bursitis.

It’s only recently that I’ve made significant strides in recovery. And, I’m preparing my shoulder to take heavier loads through strengthening exercises.

Discovering what really matters to me

Yet, in losing my abilities (and sense of identity). I realize how much I missed the…

  • Feeling of freedom when moving with fluid deliberation through an obstacle course
  • Sense of accomplishment from competitive running, and “surviving” an intense training session
  • Thrill from sparring and randori
  • Profound connection when training with new friends (at home or overseas)

By no means was I great at what I did. But those were the experiences I once enjoyed.

So what? What has this got to do with you?

Everyone seeks immersive experiences, where we amount to something more (and even feel more). We all want more out of life.

And, training like a modern ninja helps you achieve that. It first helps you believe you can achieve the impossible. Then, with that mindset, you train and become the best version of yourself.

For me, training (and making mistakes) made me a better person. I felt more at ease with myself. Functional movement gave me the freedom to express myself.

When I traveled overseas, I enjoyed visiting dojos and meeting fitness enthusiasts. Language barrier fades when everyone uses movement (martial, parkour or otherwise) to communicate.

So, here’s why I’m inviting you on this journey to live your own way of ninja. No matter what martial art or activity you choose, the confidence and connection is the same.

Together with various experts and enthusiasts, let’s make positive changes to life.

Train, feel at ease with yourself, and make profound connections.

Now, are you ready to become the best ninja-version of yourself? And, eventually seek out modern ninja all over the world…

How to be a ninja in real life?

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