5 Reasons Why I Love the Spartan Race

On Top of Slip Wall via SeeBee2189
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Want to know why I’m a Spartan Race fanboy? I had a mind-blowing experience at Spartan Race Singapore in 2015.

The awesomeness can be broken down into 5 components…

Incredible Obstacle Experience

Crawling in the mud
Crawling in the mud via Edwin Martinez

Spartan Race plans and executes their obstacle experience perfectly. Transitioning between obstacles felt natural and seamless.

In contrast, other earlier races (in Singapore) added obstacles as an afterthought. It felt like the random obstacles were a marketing gimmick. Those obstacles tended to be makeshift in appearance, and poorly fitted.

One of my worst experiences involved climbing across a net that collapsed into a tiny ditch… anytime when someone is on it. Volunteers eventually closed the section. While not a safety hazard, it dampened the excitement from racing.

This is why having a good obstacle experience is important. And thus far, Spartan Race excels in this.

Staggered Start Times & Good Crowd Control

Rope Climb via John Ramspott

There aren’t ridiculously long queues at obstacle stops in the Open category.

This is because Spartan Race staggers start times, and manages the obstacle stations well.

If you can’t stand waiting, sign up under the Competitive category. This reserves an early time slot that’s limited to a few people. So, as a serious competitor, most of the way is cleared for you.

Underlying Theme of Adventure and Camaraderie

On Top of Slip Wall
On Top of Slip Wall via SeeBee2189

Spartan Race has a culture of adventure and camaraderie. That was why it felt so good to run alongside fellow Spartans.

I often felt my adrenaline spike out of competitiveness. But, I’ve also felt the need to drop the game face to help struggling Spartans. Others did the same.

The goosebumps from the camaraderie was just such a awesome feeling.

Obstacles that Test Functional Skills

Spartan Race was the most challenging obstacle run I’ve participated in. Yes, even after comparing it to Commando Challenge 2015, when I carried a 15kg (33lbs) backpack.

I also love it that Spartan Race’s obstacles test functional fitness. It was about using both strength and technique to climb, crawl, throw and more.

No jumping into a pool of ice… And certainly no walking through electrical wires.

It was about challenging yourself in the functional realm of fitness.

Worthy Purpose to Cross-train

Joe De Sena (Spartan Race CEO) & Logen Lanka
Joe De Sena (Spartan Race CEO) & Logen Lanka

Often times, we forget the underlying drive to cross-train like a warrior. With my shoulder injury recurring on many occasions since 2015, that’s especially true for me.

Cross-training like a ninja is now a distant memory. Yet, the thrill from my first Spartan Race – as a test of my skills – is driving me forward. In this long recovery process, Spartan Race has given me a memory I want to relive. And I’m working towards it again.

After all, it was the last obstacle race I did before my injury.

And so, that’s why I fanboy over Spartan Race. I want to regain my identity, rebuild my obstacle skills, and feel the sense of camaraderie all over again.

What do you think? Are you ready to experience the Spartan Race for yourself?

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