Way Of Ninja

The modern Ninja’s how-to guide To Training

Cross-train in martial arts, movement, and functional fitness. Travel abroad to train in a foreign dojo. Learn practical street-smart hacks. And, become a modern-day ninja.

Training Guide

Build strength skills in callisthenics, parkour and more.

Travel & Train Abroad

Train in a foreign land with other martial artists and ninja athletes.

Ninja History & Folklore

Distinguish facts from folklore about ninjutsu and martial arts.

Street Smart Hacks

Being street-smart is often more than just common sense.

Ninja History & Folklore

Learn all about the historical ninja and ancient martial arts.

24 Free Audiobooks about samurai, martial arts & more

Here’s a list of 24 books for modern warriors – people into martial arts, parkour, obstacle course racing, fitness, and body language psychology. 

23 Audiobooks for Modern Ninja & Samurai (for FREE!)

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