Parkour to Escape

What is parkour Parkour is an art of flight; to escape or to chase. It involves using your body’s abilities to move from one place to another in the most efficient and swift way. The founder of Parkour, David […]

Martial Arts Intro

The skills of combat is part of a ninja’s arsenal. To acquire defensive, offensive or both combat skills, sign up for a martial arts class. That is the best way to learn. With an interest in ninjas, you would probably […]

The Secrets of Stealth

Stealth is the art of remaining undetected; the art of being ‘invisible’. To be ‘invisible’, the ninja has to understand how a person’s presence is detected. A person detects presence by his eyes and ears. The ninja must learn […]

How Can I Become A Ninja?

The ninja of Old Japan are dead, and the little that is known about them is no longer relevant to life today. Ninja culture was basically espionage and assasination in an olden era. As modern ninja, it is crucial […]

Ninja Volume 1: Spirit of The Shadow Warrior

[ Read a few pages of  ‘Ninja Volume 1: Spirit of The Shadow Warrior’ ] Discover the true history of ninja and how Ninjutsu has evolved to today’s world. Within this paperback, contains useful knowledge written by Stephen Hayes […]