Koppojutsu Bone Attack Technique

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Here’s a dangerous technique taught by a Ninjutsu sensei. It is obvious from the title that this technique involves breaking your opponent’s bone(s).

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Logen Lanka
Logen Lanka is a ninja enthusiast and the founder of WayOfNinja.com, who has interests in calisthenics, martial arts and running. Having served the army as an Armoured Infantry Trooper for two years as part of his conscription, he has finally resumed Aikido training after a long break.

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  • Chris

    This is not Koppojutsu, nor Ninjutsu in any authentic form. This is a bogus group, so you know (the movement, actions, and most of all the non-Ninjutsu weapons on the back wall are a dead giveaway).

    • Sensei Lewis

      @ Chris I notice you could not really give an explanation as to why its not ninjutsu . Weapons on the wall mean nothing, as some of them were ninjutsu weapons. The dojo is in the united states , what, an american dojo cant choose to have what ever kinds of weapons they chose? Such weak claims and arguments show you dont know what ninjutsu is. That’s the dead give away that you’re just running your mouth without knowledge.