How Can I Become A Ninja?

The ninja of Old Japan are dead, and the little that is known about them is no longer relevant to life today. Ninja culture was basically espionage and assasination in an olden era.

As modern ninja, it is crucial to reestablish our purpose, our way of ninja. Then only can we determine our path to become ninja.

What Is Your Way Of Ninja?

The way of ninja is a set of ethics or rules that the modern ninja should follow.

It is true that the ninja followed no code of honour, and valued completing a mission above anything else.

However, their missions always served their personal beliefs, morals and philosophies. Some ninja were ninja because of their loyalty to a cause. Some ninja were ninja due to their desire to protect their village from rogue samurai and vagabonds. And there were ninja who served their selfish aims.

Your way of ninja should be a path that you are able to live with. Ask yourself why you want to become a ninja? What are your beliefs and philosophy? And consequently, how do those answers affect the kind of ‘missions’ you accept.

Ways To Become A Ninja

Once you have sorted out your way of ninja, how do you become ninja?

This depends on the type of ninja path you’d like to follow. There are three.

  • Bujinkan Ninjutsu (traditional ninja techniques)
  • Urban Ninja Techniques (a hybrid of different styles, notably parkour) – a term defined by
  • Combination of both

No matter the path you choose, you are still working toward being a ninja.

That said, I’ll gather and provide resources for both paths. I understand that when people talk about ninja training, they usually refer to ninjutsu. However, I do provide information about training (in stealth, martial arts and escaping) that is unrelated to ninjutsu.

Refer to the Ninja Guide for more details.

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Logen Lanka
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Logen Lanka is a ninja enthusiast and the founder of, who has interests in calisthenics, martial arts and running. Having served the army as an Armoured Infantry Trooper for two years as part of his conscription, he has finally resumed Aikido training after a long break.
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    is there any ninja school in the Philippines? or is there is secret ninja school in the philippines that i can join?

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    A true ninja doesn’t go to any school, he practice only by himself, learning from everything he sees and feel. ninjas are fearless and have his own style. you don’t have to wear any costumes, all you need is the attitude!

    -sylvan of Laguna, Philippines

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    well id like to become ninja i know that becoming like one is hard

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    I agree that the ninja must find his own way. The Ninja is self disciplined. If you have the desire to be Ninja; Train yourself and adapt your style(s) to your body and personal abilities. If anything THAT is The Ninja Way.

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    Thankyou this is the best site I have ever seen on this kind of stuff, Logen you are the best! I really needed to further my training and this helps a lot. I will be a ninja too just you wait and see….

    • Logen

      Thanks Lee. It is nice to hear your appreciation, especially when I’m going through a rough patch in life right now. In any case, let’s persevere on. Gambatte!

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    This is a great website,my friend and I are learning the techniques. Very useful,koppojiutsu is my favorite so far. Well,Jaa Mata!

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    how can you train by yourself with fighting techs??

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    Thanks for the help. I’ve been free running for almost a year and started throwing knives a few months ago. I am good at throwing shurikens and take mma. I am a decent archer. I would like to know what other steps to take.

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    i am very happy to have found this website very helpfull! I am very interested in not only becoming a ninja but creating/joining a ninja “clan” can someone help me with doing so?

    • Penthepoet

      You just need to get others that are training in the way of Ninja and form a ninja clan. I SERIOUSLY suggest making up a kick-ass name for the clan, and an oath to go along with it.
      If you want to JOIN one… well, I’ll give you my Clan’s website address. It needs members. As a fellow ninja, I hope to see you on there.

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    What about Ninpo?

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    i wana become a ninja

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    i’m from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, join my clan. Our mission is to get rid a bunch of Yakuza at my area especially at Kabukicho. Call me 017-5558501

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    if you were gonna be a true ninja you wouldnt post stuff like im gonna be a ninja soon you just telling the world you are gonna be a ninja so if you eally do become one they will know whos the ninja THIS IS AN EDVISE KEEP A LOW PROFILE AND GET A REAL MASTER A TEACH THE REAL WAYS OF THE NINJA

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    being a ninja is being in controll of yourself
    especially your mind. after you master your mind, you can pass any boundry.

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    i have the attidude of a ninja but not the moves

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    now i can defeat my mortal enemy,,hehehehe

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    Being a ninja is about controling the mind learn to empty your all your mind and also learn the 9 ninja hand signs of kugi-in you can find it in google and be fearless

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    I train in japan and learn ninja techniques and the most important was balance and controling of the mind you must work really hard to master it

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    I really can fight, but still trying to be ninja strong, is the rumer of invisibility true or false?

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    i am tony from Australia i practise by my self and i am good at stealth but i can’t control my anger is there any way

  • Logen

    @ Biaksanga All the best.

    @ Name*tony Nothing is easy in life. The way to make something difficult easier is to take small steps. Meditation, breath control and distraction are good ways to help dissipate the anger. But it takes time and effort. Once again, take small steps.

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    hey..i like to join one of the ninja clan…like i really mean it….i was keep on taining in my garage so i can defend myself and attack my opposnent…but im not wothy enough….i like to meet the GRAND MASTER….

    • Logen Lanka

      Hello Blue, it is best that you train in a dojo or at least with a partner. This helps to improve your techniques significantly.

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    thanks for your help Logen i’ll try my best.

    • Logen Lanka

      @Name*tony Keep us updated on your progress. All the best. :)

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    I want to become a Ninja to defend myself. I will train by myself.
    That’s my Ninja way

    • Logen Lanka

      @Laiba The best way to train, especially in martial arts, is to train with an instructor. Only he/she can tell you if your techniques are flawed. The next best option is to train with a partner. You will be able to determine if your techniques work to a limited extent. All the best.

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    Hey everyone i’ve finish my ninja knife throwing technigues and i’m good at it, there are different kinds of grips they are-
    1 overhand grip
    2 underhand grip
    3 sidearm grip
    4 pinch grip
    5 palm grip
    a many more things if you want to know the secrets email me

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    Combat is the least important skill a ninja can posess. That being said, ninjitsu combat is based on sudden, unexpected violence. I’m not strong, not fast, lack endurance and stamina, lack flexibility, but I do have good agility and balance, along with a keen mind. Leverage the skills you excel at, and mitigate your weaknesses. A ninja can never fully control or predict his circumstances, but he can prepare for them to the best of his abilities. A ninja is always asking himself: “What outcome can I expect here? vs. What is my ultimate goal?” Your mindset and your mental prowess will be your greatest asset as a ninja.

    • Logen Lanka

      Indeed Raven. The mind is more powerful than physical strength.

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    i will become a stelith ninja master

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    I’ve been doing martial arts for a while. I’m trained in parkour and borderline expert with all bladed weapons. Ninja status here I come.

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      Good luck!

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    atm ive been training in ninjutsu for a while i practice with throwing knives and with katanas also im just about to go through british army training so ill get taught suvival and i wish to use my skills and knowledge for the step forward for peace i wish to try and find a ninja organisation that is out there if it is out there but im not getting any results


      You might want to try Bujinkan, Jinenkan or Genbukan Organisations. I don’t think there are full-fledged organisations that emulate the operations of historical ninjas today.

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      hey. can i get ur email. i have something to tell you .


        I’m not sure if you’re asking me for my email, but it can be found on the Contact Us section of this page:

    • Elliot Veal

      I know Exactly how you feel. I won’t be able to join the army for a little while but I also want to work towards peace. Try bujinkan nottingham if you’re still looking maybe? If you ever want to take a more active role towards peace contact me…

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    I wan’t to become a ninja but my fighting and running skills are very bad.Can anyone of you can tell me the ways to improve these skills?

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    i recommend reading L.A. Ninja for a fictional, but interesting look at how. modern ninja might operate.

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    My fighting skills are lousy.Can anyone of you please tell me how to improve?


      You need to provide details as to your experience and how you define lousy.

      My general answer would be to master techniques as opposed to relying on brute force. Work on agility, spatial awareness and timing. Train with opponents.